Fundamental 3-Day Training

3 days - £1635 (Deposit £900)

Resit Fee - £450

This training is a doorway to significant change. These procedures and their teachings empower you to clear limitation and the density of past experience and conditioning that has become encoded within the mystical aspect of your DNA. This in-turn, affects your consciousness and way of "Be-ing", through the alchemy of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy-fields.

  • Learn practical procedures that bring through energies and insights that enable you to treat yourself and your loved ones.
  • Learn how to lift your frequency, clear past pain and gain clarity around ongoing concerns.
  • Learn how to channel the Transference Healing frequencies to break down resistance and limitation, so you can surrender to the manifestation of your higher and future self. 

Advanced Level 2-Day Training

3 days - £1635 (Deposit £900)

Resit - £450

As and when you feel ready to further commit to your personal and spiritual journey, the Advanced Level Training is the perfect next step. This training is all about lightbody technology;  holding light for the embodiment of a new reality.   Upon completion of this training, you will have the knowledge and energetic means to run a full alchemical and lightbodyTransference Healing session on your friends and family. 

You may also choose undertake professional practitioner training, and, if you so wish, the Teacher's training with Alexis Cartwright.