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When asked why I love Transference Healing® over other spiritual & healing modalities I've trained in, my answer: This energy transformed my life and enabled me to find a level of fulfilment I'd not previously experienced.   In short, I've found that Transference impacts areas that other modalities fail to reach and I figure if it’s benefitted me, it will benefit anyone.

Whilst essentially spiritual, these pure light frequencies create a physiological impact that enable us to embrace our authenticity and live in a new way - crucial now that our old ways of living are dissolving around us.

Whether you are single, a partner, parent, friend, employer or employee, your wellbeing effects everything you do and everyone you know.  Receiving Transference Healing will help you maintain a level of wellness through the clearing of the emotional blocks, karmic issues and the etheric field through which our physical manifests. The resulting side-effects generally include enhanced intuition and the ability to embrace more empowered, loving & supportive ways of being.  

Etheric and alchemical in nature, this is pure frequency healing, so no physical contact is required. Although different in experience, energetically both absentee or in-person appointments prove to be equally effective and there are sessions available for all conditions and ages.  

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I am blessed to live on the outskirts of Glastonbury, where, within a landscapes of flowing waters and lush pastures, are gateways into the spiritual realms and the healing resources of the planet and the universe in which we live. Ultimately we are all on the path of self-healing and mastery that is required for us to embody the Light of our true selves.


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