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Welcome to the DevaLight….

Welcome to DevaLight where you may explore the possibilities offered by the universal powers of alchemy and light. The energy and procedures held within the lineage known as Transference Healing® create an alchemical self-healing response through the multi-dimensional levels of body & consciousness for purification and the embodiment of divine potential. 

Transference; a shift from one state of being into another

I’m often asked why I love Transference Healing over the other practices that I’ve worked with. In short, receiving this energy on an ongoing basis benefited me physically, strengthened me emotionally and continually supports me in my life’s journey.  I have stronger boundaries, more clarity and an inner sense of freedom.

Whilst essentially spiritual, these pure light frequencies trigger a decoding process and clears restriction to enable self-healing and a more authentic way of being. It is your own physiology’s alchemical and etheric response to energy of “Transference” that allows for change. 

Whether you are single, a partner, parent, friend, employer or employee, your wellbeing effects everyone you know and all that you do. Transference is a healing modality for these times – crucial now, as the Earth’s grid arises in frequency and the old ways continue to dissolve around us. The HEALINGS page will guide you to the most suitable option for yourself at this time. One-day workshops and in-depth trainings are also available.

This is pure frequency healing and is suitable for all ages and conditions

– I am happy to offer in-person & absentee appointments –

Resulting effects generally include enhanced intuition and the ability to embrace more empowered and loving ways of being. Overall health and wellness are supported, as is the process of ascension through the anchoring and integration of the Lightbody.

Ultimately we are all on the path of self-healing and mastery that is required for us to embody the Light of our true selves.

I am blessed to live within the environs of Glastonbury. Here within the landscape of flowing waters and lush pastures are gateways into the spiritual realms and the healing resources of this beautiful planet and the universe in which we live.

If you are curious and would like to make an appointment or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Blessings, Cate